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STAR-Ghana Fund for NGO

STAR-Ghana is a multi-donor Fund providing support to NGO in Ghana. The programme seeks to increase the accountability and responsiveness of government, traditional authorities and private enterprises to Ghanaian citizens and also to increase the influence of NGOs and Parliament in the governance of public goods and service delivery.


This open call invites registered NGOs, coalitions, networks and platforms who have received funding in the last three years from major civil society support funds.


Initiatives should be recently completed programmes that require a year's additional input to achieve unrealized results and extend impacts. Applicants must demonstrate the value added to the work carried out under previous grants.


Applicants should be able to clearly demonstrate results attributable to this additional funding. THIS GRANT IS NOT APPLICABLE IF NGO IS COMMENCING AN ENTIRELY NEW PROJECT.


Project Initiatives may include but are not limited to;


·        Enabling citizens, particularly women and excluded groups, to claim rights;

·        Engagement in policy formulation, implementation, and monitoring;

·        Increasing the use of civil society evidence in policy and practice.


Eligibility Criteria for Coalition/Network Secretariat


The Coalition / Network Secretariat -


1. Should be legally registered in Ghana

2. Should have one of its prime aims as engaging in research and advocacy in at least one of the above-mentioned domains and can show a track-record of effective influence on national policy processes

3. Must have appropriate standards for good organisational governance and social equity/gender justice

4. Must have appropriate procedures for (financial/administrative) management, monitoring and reporting (evidence of procedures manual)

5. Must show at least two previous annual statements of accounts audited by a suitably certified person(s) or body

6. Must have a multi-annual strategic plan on its advocacy agenda

7. Should be prepared to develop linkages with other NGOs and other Civil Society Organisations at national, district and Local levels, thus leveraging existing capacities and enabling the sharing of information, experience and capabilities.

8. Must be able to produce evidence of gain so far (this should include references or external evaluation) and state clearly the results being offered by the coalition/network secretariat.

9. Must demonstrate track record in delivering results and timely records


How to Apply


Interested coalitions/networks should contact at for full application pack. Returned applications should include:


 completed standard STAR-Ghana application forms;

 Proof of legal registration of the secretariat in Ghana

 Coalitions and networks need to be formalised by way of an agreement or memorandum of understanding

 Completed forms have to be returned (email) by 14th January, 2011


Short-listed coalitions/networks will receive a decision by end of February 2011

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